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I'm Merianne, a Brand Guardian and Creative Solutions expert that specialises in Creative Direction for all brands both new and old, big and small. An expert of my craft, I create graphical and visual solutions to deliver meaningful and memorable brands. I work in all mediums to conceptualise campaigns, direct photo shoots and create beautiful imagery that truly makes a brand come to life. I'm hands on in all aspects of design - web, social media and print. If you have branding and design needs click on the button below and let's start a conversation.


Tiffany Rose & Alie Street | Fashion

Tiffany Rose is a maternity wear brand that specialises in bridal, bridesmaid and occasion wear for pregnant women. Absolutely dedicated to their customers satisfaction and happiness, investment in quality fabrics and styles is paramount at TR & AS. Winner of not one, but two Queen's Awards! A wonderful team of professionals make up this "Made in Britain" brand.

A picture is worth a thousand words. For this reason all the graphics and imagery for both brands, photoshoots, and social media imagery are created and shot by the in-house team. I art direct each photo shoot to create powerful imagery that resonates with the customers, is aspirational and engages with them emotionally. Working with fabulous and dedicated colleagues, I design look books each season and plan imagery and graphics for upcoming marketing and seasonal campaigns. 


Head Over Heels | Fashion


City Furniture | Retail

Photography, Commercials, Photoshoots | Retail


Nationwide | Insurance


Southside | Property Development


Jose Cuervo Tequilas | Beverages


Catchword Promo | Naming Consultancy


Trevor Square | Property Development


C'elle Creative Brand Options | Pharmaceutical


Brand Creation | Variety of Businesses


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