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Portfolio: Tiffany Rose & Alie Street

Creative Solutions

Art Direction, Branding, Graphics, E-commerce Design, Social Media Design, Advertising
Creative solutions expert that specialises in visual arts and graphic solutions for all kinds of  brands both new and old, big and small. I seek to create meaningful and memorable  graphics that speak to the customer and differentiate the client from their competitors. I work in all mediums to conceptualise campaigns, direct photo shoots and create beautiful imagery that make a brand come to life. I'm hands on in all aspects of design - web, social media and print. 


Start-ups, FMCG, Luxury brands, Lifestyle brands, Property, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Insurance, Technology

E-commerce Tiffany Rose | Fashion

Head Over Heels | Fashion

Portfolio: Head Over Heels
Porfolio: City Furniture

City Furniture | Retail

Photography, Commercials, Photoshoots | Retail

Portfolio: Photography, Commercials, Photoshoots

Nationwide | Insurance

Portfolio: Nationwide Insurance

Southside | Property Development

Portfolio: Southside

Jose Cuervo Tequilas | Beverages

Portfolio: Jose Cuervo

Catchword Promo | Naming Consultancy

Portfolio: Catchword

Trevor Square | Property Development

Portfolio: Trevor Square

C'elle Creative Brand Options | Pharmaceutical

Portfolio: C'elle

Brand Creation | Variety of Businesses

Portfolio: Brand Creation



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Do you need inspiring and conceptual brand ideas? Contact me below.


Merianne Molina-Pethers | Creative Branding and Design   07780 111663

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